My 2nd trip, but the 1st family trip to Malacca, this could be considered as one of the worst experiences … More

Korea (Seoul again)

1st Jun 2016: We decided to have Samgyetang (삼계탕), ginseng chicken soup, for brunch today lol. As we were only … More

Korea (Paju)

31st May 2016: We are going to Paju city today. And the reason why we came here is because of … More

Korea (Back to Seoul)

28th May 2016: After 2 consecutive days of waking up at 4am, we finally can sleep until 10am today lol. … More

Korea (Gochang/Seonunsa)

25th May 2016: Reached Gwangju at about 11.30am. After buying the bus tickets to Seonunsa, we had our lunch in … More

Korea (Boseong)

24th May 2016: It was raining since early morning. We checked out Oxbloodk by 9.30am, and asked the owner to … More

Korea (Suncheon)

23rd May 2016: Although Oxbloodk provides free breakfast, we decided to walk to U-Square for our breakfast at Angel-in-us Coffee … More

Korea (Gwangju)

22nd May 2016: We sadly bid goodbye to our beautiful Airbnb in Daegu, and continued our journey to Gwangju, which … More

Korea (Changwon)

21st May 2016: After a quick breakfast (leftovers from last night’s dinner lol) in the house, we went straight to … More