CNY Decor

Initially i didn’t intend to decorate my house for CNY, but since my ex-colleagues wanted to come over for steamboat, … More

Foreign currencies

One friend asked us to guess the type of currencies that she had packed in ziplock bags. I find it … More

New bedsheet

My sis bought me a new bed sheet to welcome the new year, and needless to say, there is some … More

Ice Cream

Ice cream? or water melon? I want both!!

New Table Cloth

I have always wanted to have a yellow table cloth to match my colorful chairs, and was happy to have … More

Bear Bear

My sis-in-law, who had no idea what to give us for Xmas, decided to give us a huge plushy each, … More

New gadgets

We played Secret Santa for one of the Xmas exchanges, and i asked for these 2 gadgets. Woohoo.. love it … More