Ladakh (Roadtrip-TsoMoriri)

We are on the road again!

Today, we are going to TsoMoriri.

This is the bridge where one scene was filmed in “3 Idiots”.

It seems there are more greeneries towards this route.

The Indus River, I assume.

I really love the shadows on the mountains cast by the clouds.

After about 4 hours of car ride, we reached our lunch area.

The quiet village suddenly became busy because of us.

After lunch, we walked to the nearby hot spring area, and we were careful not to fall into any burning hot spring spots.

This is a scenic view of the Indus river.

We were trying to mingle with the friendly villages 🙂

Then, we continued our journey to Tsomoriri.

We made a few stops along the way for photo taking 🙂

We approached Tsomoriri, or “Mountain Lake” at about 5pm. At an altitude of 4,522m, it is the largest of the high altitude lakes entirely within India.

The reflection makes it so surreal, and we are enjoying this view for like at least 10 mins in our moving car 🙂

Our fixed tent campsite was less satisfactory than that in PangongTso, and both campsites were equally freezing cold.

While it was still early, we took a stroll to Tsomoriri, which was about 20mins away from our campsite. Unlike PangongTso, there was nobody around except us! 🙂

Back to our campsite for dinner, which took place in a cold and dark tent. We wore our headlamp so that we wouldn’t risk dining in the dark when the electricity was cut off lol.

We spent the night star gazing again, and this time we tried to draw using our headlamps 🙂

The next morning, we departed for Leh.

We stopped by another lake, though much smaller in scale. All lakes in Ladakh are really beautiful!

This is the Tsokar, a salt lake, where the muddy grass patches make it a challenge to walk near.

And soon, we were entering into snowed mountains again!

We reached Taglang La, at an altitude of 5,328m, it also claimed to be the world’s second highest motorable pass.

We continued our return journey to Leh, and on the way, met some meh meh with color markings 🙂

Our late lunch was none other than the egg maggie… but it could probably be our last egg maggie meal in this trip.

We reached Leh at about 4pm, and were shifted to another guesthouse.

After some rest, we went back to our favourite snack place in Leh town. My new found delicious Indian snacks are Aloo Tikki, Gol Gappe and Bread Pakora 🙂

Our farewell dinner was at Apple Tree Restaurant, the most sumptuous meal we had thus far.

With such excellent travel mates and awesome sceneries, this is a trip that I will never forget 🙂


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