Ladakh (Roadtrip-PangongTso)

We woke up to a super awesome sky!

After a simple breakfast, we proceeded with our road trip towards Pangong Tso.

On the way, we visited a monastery, with a 32 metre statue of Maitreya Buddha facing down the Shyok River. The sceneries were so awesome that we took countless photos here 🙂

Then, we continued our journey, with our eyes glued on the breathtaking views outside the windows. Our avatars were also enjoying the road trips 🙂

We stopped for toilet breaks as and when anyone needed one. Even the views from the toilet were nice.

Lunch was only either fried rice or egg Maggie, but they were delicious nonetheless.

Some of the many interesting road signs, as part of Project Himank, initiated by The Border Roads Organisation (BRO).

Caught the First View of the world famous Pangong Tso.

Pangong Tso, Tibetan for “high grassland lake”, is situated at a height of about 4,350 m. It is 134 km long and extends from India to China. Approximately 60% of the length of the lake lies in China.

Several movies had some scenes filmed here, out of which the most popular was the Bollywood blockbuster “3 Idiots”.

On the way to our accommodation, we passed by some beautiful cottage houses.

Our fixed tent accommodation looks good too, but at night it feels like a freezer.

While the sun is setting, we went for our dinner before we turned in for the night.

Early next morning, we saw our neighbours admiring the sunrise outside our tent.. but actually they were trying to warm themselves up.

We went around exploring the area before breakfast.

After breakfast, it was sad, but time to say… Goodbye, Pangong Lake!

On the way back to Leh, we stopped occasionally to see the cute little marmots and the sheep herds.

JULLEY means Namaste, hello, hi in Ladakh. Soon we were entering the snowed mountains again!

We stopped at Chang La, which claims to be the second highest motorable road in the world.

This time, we only stopped for less than 30 mins, had a quick snow fight and quickly descended before AMS hits us.

I really love looking at those winding mountain roads that look like veins or zig-zag, but of course road trips on them is another matter lol.

Soon we were approaching Leh, the largest town in Ladakh.

We had a quick stopover for lunch.

And then we were back to our favourite Leh town square again 🙂


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