Ladakh (Roadtrip-Nubra Valley)

After a good overnight rest in the guesthouse, we were excited to start our road trip from today. We started our day with a sumptuous breakfast at our most patronized café in Leh Town. We simply love the friendly waiter and the delicious food here.

We departed at about 9am towards Nubra Valley. The view became more scenic the higher we go, and soon we were entering the snowed mountains!

The next thing we know, we were met with this huge unexpected traffic jam! After an hour, we decided to get out of the car to have some fresh air. The air was thin, but not as cold as I thought.

At a height of 5,359m, the Khardung La (“La” means “Pass” in Tibetan) is said to be the world’s highest motorable pass. At such a high altitude, it is not advisable to stay here for too long, but we were stuck for like 2 hours! In the meantime, we tried to play snow fights to kill time. After a long wait that seemed like forever, we were finally moving and going down.

After a late lunch at about 3.30pm, we continued our road trip towards Nubra Valley. I really love the misty feel along the way. We stopped occasionally for some stretches and fresh air.

We reached the Hunder village silver sand dunes at about 6pm.

We were immediately welcomed by a drove of donkeys dashing towards us. The highlights today is the double humped camel rides, but I prefer to watch than to ride one, and of course to enjoy the scenic surroundings 🙂

We checked in our guesthouse and had our dinner at about 8pm.


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