Ladakh (Trekking-Sham Valley) Day 3

We woke up to a gloomy sky, and it had been drizzling since dawn. And so, we were given a choice whether we wanted to depart for Leh directly, or continue the trek. The six of us (including myself) decided not to go for the trek. We bid goodbye to the trekking group and went back to the guesthouse to chill while waiting for the transport back to Leh.

Our transport came at about 11am, and off we go to Leh… Goodbye, Hemis Shukpachen village!

Along the way, we stopped to have a samosa break in a local eatery.

We reached Leh at about 4pm. Now that we were back earlier than scheduled, we had more time to explore around the Leh town square.

The Leh town is vibrant with both the locals and tourists, selling and buying their products. We met 4 mischievous kids who were helping their dog to do sand sauna 🙂

We saw this interesting snack place which seemed crowded. Not knowing what to order, we asked the owner who recommended Thali, which turned out to be super spicy and delicious! We will come back again soon!

After meeting up with the rest who came back from the trek, we proceeded for dinner at Gesmo Restaurant, followed by some shopping at the Tibetan Refugee Market.


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