Leh (India)

Happy to join Adventures Unlimited again on their Ladakh Road Trip cum Trek adventure, this time with a group of 15 (including myself and 3 friends) 🙂

We reached Delhi via SQ at around 8pm. The 4 of us had earlier booked a nearby hotel so that we can have a few hours of rest before taking the 7am domestic flight to Leh. The Red Fox Hotel is only about 15mins ride from the airport. The room is clean and the price is reasonable.

Met up with the rest of the group in the airport and together we onboard Jet Airways to Leh. The awesome views through the windows are something not to be missed!

There is an airport shuttle that brought us to the Leh airport terminal building. At an altitude of 11,500 feet, it is very common for people visiting Leh to be hit by the Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Our Palace View guesthouse, which is about a 15-min ride away from the airport, is located right in front of the Leh Palace. Our room is clean and simple, and with a good view.

After a short introduction by everyone, followed by a group briefing from our event host, we started our acclimatisation walk to the Leh Palace. The uphill walk under the scorching sun was seriously no joke, some more in high altitudes, but we were still enjoying (cos’ AMS dun kick in so fast lol).

The people (especially children) in Ladakh are so beautiful! 🙂

After Leh Palace, we went for our late lunch at the Leh town, and that was when my AMS hit. I had totally lost my appetite despite the food looking so delicious!

After lunch, we went back to our room to rest. My whole body was weak and i was feeling nauseous. I was shivering in bed although i was already wearing my down jacket and covered myself with blanket. My heartbeat was as loud as thunder, so loud that i couldn’t fall asleep, and i couldn’t breathe properly, i thought i was going to die 😦


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