OH! Holland Village

The 7th edition of this annual art walk, but only my 3rd year joining, this year’s OH! Open House was held at Holland Village, and i was happy to explore this “atas” neighbourhood 🙂

There were 3 tours (45-mins each) this year, which provided us with 3 different ways of seeing this neighbourhood. We started with Chip Bee Tour, followed by HDB Tour and Hakka Cemetery Tour.

The Chip Bee Tour brought us to some apartments in the former colonial estate. Glad i had a chance to visit those white houses, which were once home exclusively to the British. The colorful art installation that was made up of toilet paper was really unique.

Some digital print on canvas – An Exile Revisits the City

On the way to the HDB Tour, we passed by this wall mural, which gives the misconception that Holland Village was named after the region, Holland. The truth is it was named after an architect called Hugh Holland.

Some art installations in the HDB which i found kinda creepy, especially the chrysanthemums on one corner of the bed…

The highlight of this art walk to me should be the visit to the Hakka cemetery, as i didn’t expect a cemetery to be located so close to the HDB flats. The 8-min blindfolded walk from the HDB to the cemetery was also a special and new experience! 🙂


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