Singapore Biennale 2016

The 1st Arts Exhibition that i went in this new year is none other than the Singapore Biennale: AN ATLAS OF MIRRORS, which presents contemporary artworks by more than 60 artists and art collectives from Southeast Asia, and East and South Asia.

Below are some art installations that caught my eyes:

Inscription of the Island, 2016, by Lim Soo Ngee

Yin-Yang Calendar, 2016, by Xiao Lu

Paracosmos, 2016, by Harumi Yukutake

SONICreflection, 2016, by Zulkifle Mahmod

Growing, 2016, by Hemali Bhuta

Treasure Islands, 2012, by Made Wianta

Noah’s Garden II, 2016, by Deng Guoyuan

Melampaui Batas (Beyond Boundaries), 2016, by Made Djirna

One Has to Wander through All the Outer Worlds to Reach the Innermost Shrine at the End, 2016, by Qiu Zhijie

History, 2013 – 2015, by Phasao Lao

Left: Endless Hours at Sea, 2014, 2016, by Martha Atienza

Right: History Repeats Itself, 2016, by Titaburi


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