My 2nd trip, but the 1st family trip to Malacca, this could be considered as one of the worst experiences in going to Malaysia. Believe it or not, it actually took us 9 hours to reach Malacca! Thanks to the blur blur coach driver (booked with Lapan Lapan Travel), who drove us to Tuas checkpoint first, and upon seeing the long queue, changed his mind and drove us to Woodlands checkpoint, which turned out to be a nightmare! It didn’t help when we were bringing our elderly parents, who had to suffer from controlling their bladder due to the massive traffic jam, and then the super long queue in clearing the customs, both in Singapore and Malaysia. When we reached Malacca, it was already 5pm (our coach started moving since 8am in the morning)!

The only good thing about this trip is probably the Hatten Hotel, which has big and clean rooms and nice buffet breakfast spread, and is near to the various attractions. But since we were departing next day 2pm, there wasn’t much time for us to go around too. We decided to visit those attractions that are along the way to Jonker street, since we were going there for dinner.

Our dinner near the Jonker Street wasn’t a pleasant one too. The seafood that we ordered from the roadside stalls charged us more than a hundred ringgit, which we felt we were been “chopped”.

Since we didn’t have a satisfied dinner, we went to the Alto Sky Lounge in the hotel for some drinks and supper, and we joked about how the bills in the lounge were even cheaper than the roadside stalls.

After breakfast the next day and a little shopping, we went for a foot massage in the hotel before the coach came to fetch us at 2pm. The massage was far from satisfactory too. Should have gone swimming instead of wasting money on the massage 😦


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