Korea (Boseong)

24th May 2016:

It was raining since early morning. We checked out Oxbloodk by 9.30am, and asked the owner to help us call for a taxi to send us to the U-Square terminal. We had our breakfast at Cafe Pascucci, then took the 11am express bus to Boseong.

Reached Boseong bus terminal slightly after 12pm. It was a very small terminal, with only one tiny eatery in the corner of the terminal. There were some taxis waiting near the bus terminal. As it was still raining, we ran over to catch one. Surprisingly, the taxi driver can speak quite good English, and he drove us to our accommodation which took less than 15 mins (9,000 won).

Our room in the Golmangtae Pension (골망태펜션) was clean and spacious. The owner of the pension was not very well-versed in English, but he tried his best to communicate with us, sometimes using his hand phone for translation. It seemed we were the only 2 guests in the pension though.

The owner prepared some lunch for us after he knew we haven’t had our lunch yet. After that, he brought us to somewhere near his pension, where he setup as museums to display his photography works. His children were currently overseas, and only his wife and himself stay here to manage the pension.

There are 17 mushroom-lookalike hwangto mudhouses in the pension which the owner called as “smurf”, and the owner called himself papa smurf 🙂 In front of the pension, we can see a spiral green tea field.

The owner kindly drove us to the Daehan Dawon Tourist Tea Plantation (보성녹차밭 대한다원), probably because of the rain. Because of the language barriers, we were quite amused when the owner drove off immediately after dropping us off at the plantation. But soon, we figured out that we were supposed to make our own way back, which we were not quite sure how lol. Nevertheless, we decided to have some green tea latte at a nice cafe in front of the plantation while waiting for the rain to stop.

When the rain got lighter, we bought the tickets to go in. There were 2 rows of cedar trees that led us to the green tea plantation. Along the green tea fields, we can see various signages that spelled the names of the drama that were filmed here. Thanks to the cloudy weather, there were few people visiting, and so we took our time doing our own photo shots running around the beautiful green tea fields 🙂

There is a stairway in the middle of the tea fields. We walked all the way up to admire the whole tea plantation from the top of the hill.

Then, we took a break and had some green tea ice cream 🙂

There were so much greenery in Boseong… totally enjoyed it!

We left the plantation at about 6pm, and attempted to take a local bus from a bus stop outside the plantation. However, after waiting for 15 mins, there is no sight of any vehicles, not to mention a public bus. And so, we decided to walk to the nearest shop, and asked for help to call a taxi. Luckily, it seems all taxi drivers in Boseong know about Golmangtae Pension and its owner.

While the owner was busy preparing the dinner, we walked around the pension, taking pictures of the beautiful sky and sunset.

The dinner for tonight was the delicious duck bbq with free flow of side dishes. Instead of serving the side dishes in plates, the owner did a smart job by asking us to take the amount we want and according to our choices, in a way not wasting food unnecessarily.

Halfway through the dinner, the owner brought us to a cave behind the pension, which he has constructed and designed by himself for the use of keeping preserved food. He showed us the making of makgeolli, while at the same time collected some to drink with dinner. This was my 1st time drinking freshly home-make makgeolli 🙂

After dinner, he invited us to his cave for some tea and chit-chat, before we rested for the night.

25th May 2016:

The next morning, the weather has turned sunny. After taking breakfast with the owner and his wife, we went around taking pictures of the pension, before checking out. The owner’s wife kindly helped us called for a taxi to the Boseong bus terminal. We took the 10am bus back to Gwangju.


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