Korea (Suncheon)

23rd May 2016:

Although Oxbloodk provides free breakfast, we decided to walk to U-Square for our breakfast at Angel-in-us Coffee cafe.

We are going to spend a day in Suncheon today. After about 1.5 hour of bus ride, we reached Suncheon Jonghap Bus Terminal at about 11.45am.

Then we walked out of the bus terminal and went to the bus stop on the right to wait for Bus 68. There are many ajumma and ajoshi waiting for buses in the same bus stop. It was quite a long wait, and by the time we reached the Nakan Fortress bus stop, it was almost 1pm.

We chose a cute looking restaurant and had delicious clam hanjeongsik (ν•œμ •μ‹) for lunch.

Some cute banners outside the restaurant πŸ™‚

Finally, we started our exploration in the Naganeupseong Folk Village (λ‚™μ•ˆμμ„±λ―Όμ†λ§ˆμ„). This was my 2nd visit to this village. The last time i went was during Spring. Naganeupseong is considered one of the best-preserved town fortress in South Korea, and i definitely don’t mind visiting it again. There are about 100 families still residing in this village.

Happy to see beautiful blooming summer flowers πŸ™‚

This kind of tile-roofed houses are for the literati, while those other thatch-roofed buildings are for commoners. That’s what will happen to you if you have done something wrong.

There are many interesting-looking Jangseungs, or village guardian, Korean totem poles usually made of wood, which are placed in villages to frighten away demons.

The friendly local residents who humbly demonstrated to us their traditional culture.

The village is so beautiful that we couldn’t help but scrutinised every part of it.


Tried to capture a full view of the whole Naganeupseong Folk Village before we left at about 4pm. We waited for almost 45 mins before Bus 68 finally arrived and brought us back to that bus stop outside the bus terminal.

Then we took Bus 67 to Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve (μˆœμ²œλ§ŒμŠ΅μ§€), which took about 20 mins ride.

The fields in Suncheonman Bay is thickly covered with reeds taller than a full-grown man. I love the feel of walking over the beautiful reed fields, and the sound of the vast fields swaying in the wind πŸ™‚

The awesome sunset view was another highlight of this place. It is definitely a nice place to hang out in the evening.

We settled for our dinner nearby, and had this Mudskipper soup which i tried for the 1st time.

We took Bus 67 back to Suncheon Jonghap Bus Terminal, then took the 8.45pm intercity bus back to Gwangju.


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