Korea (Gwangju)

22nd May 2016:

We sadly bid goodbye to our beautiful Airbnb in Daegu, and continued our journey to Gwangju, which took us about 3 hours by bus. By the time, we reached Gwangju U-Square Bus Terminal, it was already 2.30pm. We followed the instructions given in YouTube, and proceeded to our guesthouse, Oxbloodk.

After a 10-min walk, we finally found the guesthouse, which was located in a very secluded alley. When we opened the room door, we were disappointed to see the condition of our double room that was far from satisfactory. To make matter worse, the TV was spoilt, which meant 2 nights of no TV programs to watch 😦 The only good thing about this guesthouse is probably the humble and helpful owner who recommended us places to visit in Gwangju and even walked us to the bus stop and advised us which bus to take.

Our initial plan was to visit Suncheon in the evening and hike Mudeungsan tomorrow, but looking at the burning sun, we decided not to risk getting ourselves burnt, and so we aborted the hiking plan, and changed to spending a day in Suncheon tomorrow, and exploring around Gwangju today. As suggested by the Oxbloodk owner, we took Bus no 9 to Chungjang-ro Street (충장로). We were happy that T-money is accepted here, which makes travelling around in public transport easier.

After some shopping, we had our coffee break at Bokgo Cafe and also tried their Bagel which didn’t look as good as it should be.

Then we went to the Asian Culture Complex (국립아시아문화전당), and had a walk around the vicinity.

And of course, not forgetting the Gwangju Art Street (광주 예술의 거리)..

Then, we started looking for the Daein Art Market. Since we passed by one police station, we decided to walk in and ask for directions. The policemen who attended to us were some young lads who looked like they just graduated from schools. One of them who speaks good English confidently pointed us to the right direction. The Daein Art Market, however, didn’t seem to be opened for the day, and so we just wandered around, admiring the interesting murals in the alleys.

Shortly after, we walked back to the Chungjang-ro Street, and had chicken bulgogi for dinner. We stayed for the longest time cos’ we did not want to go back to our guesthouse too early lol.


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