Korea (Changwon)

21st May 2016:

After a quick breakfast (leftovers from last night’s dinner lol) in the house, we went straight to Dongdaegu train station to take a train to Masan. We intended to take the Mugunghwa train as it’s like almost 50% cheaper than KTX, but the next train is 2 hours later and so in the end, we bought the KTX train tickets to Masan.

From Masan train station, we took a taxi (about 5,000 won) directly to Changdong Art Village (창동예술촌). The friendly taxi driver dropped us at Sangsang-gil (상상길), so called Imaginary Road, created by the Korea Tourism Organization, as part of their campaign called “Write your name in Korea”. I had actually participated in that campaign too, but my name was not chosen to be one of the 23,000 names engraved on Sangsang-gil 😦

Nevertheless, the Changdong Art Village is a place not to be missed if you like artsy fatsy stuffs like me. The streets in Changdong Art Village are divided into 3 themes of Moonshin Art Street, Ecole De Changdong Street and Masan Art Street.

Each street is packed with various ateliers, studios, galleries, etc. We had much fun taking pictures as we wandered around from one alley to another, and getting ourselves lost in the beautiful art village.

Shortly after, it was time to satisfy our hunger, and so we walked into an eatery that sells noodle. The owner kindly helped us decide what to order, cos’ we couldn’t understand what was written on the menu lol. And it turned out both the hot and cold noodle on our table were so delicious that we finished every bit 🙂

We continued our photo-taking mission, not forgetting those angel wings that are always popular when it comes to wall murals.

After a while, we started to crave for coffee, and so we took a coffee break in one nicely-decorated cafe, which provided free flow honey french toast 🙂

After the coffee break, we decided we have had not enough of murals yet, and so we took a taxi to Gagopa Kkoburang-gil Mural Village (가고파꼬부랑길벽화마을). Apparently, this place is not popular among the locals, cos’ the taxi driver seemed to have heard of this place for the first time. Luckily we had the address with us, and the helpful driver finally found the place by asking residents along the way 🙂

And because this place is not popular, it is the best place to take pictures cos’ there is nobody except us, and the local residents. We walked up and down and all over the village, taking pictures of all murals that we came across, and made sure we didn’t miss any before we left the village lol.

Besides the amazing murals, we also enjoyed the magnificent birds-eye view of Masan city from the village.

We had a quick bite at Ediya Coffee before we boarded the train back to Dongdaegu. This time we managed to catch the Mugunghwa train.

The beautiful view from the train on the way back. Bought some kimbap and instant noodles for supper.


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