Korea (Seoul)

16th May 2016:

After a few days of catching-up with friends, i was finally left alone in Seoul, and decided to visit the Olympic Park (올림픽공원) which is quite a large park to start with.

There are many interesting sculptures in the park, and this gigantic Thumb is one of my favorites.

There is also a rose garden where the roses were in full bloom, and hence attracted many photographers who took close-up shots of them.

The wild flower garden, if in full bloom, would be very spectacular.

The Seoul Olympic Museum, which was closed, cos’ it was a Monday. In fact, most museums in Korea close on Mondays.

The sky was amazing, although the weather was really warm, especially under the burning sun.

The World Peace Gate which was built to celebrate the “88 Seoul Olympic Games”.

Went to Samseong Station to meet SJ and Christine (another colleague) for coffee (ok, i wasn’t exactly alone yet). Since the SM Entertainment building is just nearby, i went in to explore, hoping to bump into any SM celebrities if i was lucky enough lol.

After they went back to work, i proceeded to Jamsil to check out the Lotte World Tower, which when completed would be the 6th tallest building in the world, with 123 floors, standing at 556m tall. Then, shopped for a while in the Lotte World Mall, before settling for this delicious seafood noodle as dinner in the food court.

17th May 2016:

Made a trip to the Seoul Arts Center (예술의전당), where i used to learn Janggu during my study trip in Korea, but today i came for their calligraphy exhibition, which was held in the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum.

I was truly inspired by those beautiful Hanja and Hangeul calligraphy works 🙂

Joined a bunch of school children in admiring the dancing musical fountain for an hour before i went in search of my lunch.

Had soondubu jjigae in a traditional restaurant right across the street from the Seoul Arts Center. I was so hungry that i finished everything 🙂

After that, i went to the Express Bus Terminal to check out the buses to the outskirts, but ended up shopping in their large underground shopping mall, a 880m long alley which consists of 600 stores. Then at about 7.30pm, i quickly walked over to the Han River to catch the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분수).

18th May 2016:

Alynn flew from Singapore today to join me in my Korea exploration, and the first place we explored was none other than Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art (리움 삼성미술관), mainly because the afternoon sun was so burning hot that we decided to stay somewhere indoor lol.

Our lunch in Dongdaemun Design Plaza and dinner in one Dongdaemun restaurant. It was always great to have someone to share food with 🙂


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