Korea (with Jane)

15th May 2016:

Spent my day with Jane today. I have known Jane since 2004 when i first started learning Korean language in Singapore. I got to know her through a Korean social network called Cyworld, which was popular then before Facebook came in. Although Jane is a Korean, she can speak fluent English and Chinese. When i was studying in Korea, i used to stay over at her place occasionally. We had a lot to talk about over soju and bbq. Jane is now married with two children and i was happy to finally meet up with her again and her family 🙂

Jane drove me, together with her 2-year old son, to Yongin to visit the MBC Daejanggeum Park (용인 대장금 파크).

This park has served as the filming location for many hugely popular Korean historical dramas, such as “Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)”, “Gu Family Book (2013)”, “Empress Ki (2013)”, and of course “Dae Jang Geum (2003)” too.

We put on the royal court hanbok and took photos in some historical backdrop.

Soon, it started raining, and so we left the place for an early dinner with her husband and daughter. Overall, it was a really nice catch up with Jane 🙂


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