Korea (with SJ)

14th May 2016:

Before meeting SJ for the day, i made a trip to Bongeunsa (봉은사) since it was the Buddha’s birthday. Not surprisingly, the temple was crowded with locals, queuing and praying with rice and other offerings. Despite the crowd, i was enjoying the feel of local culture 🙂

Hanging the wishes one by one to the sea of colorful lanterns 🙂

Shortly after, i met up with SJ at one subway station, where she drove me to the outskirt for coffee. I know SJ through work since i handled the accounting matters for our Korea sales office. We first met when she came to Singapore few years back, and we clicked very well as we both love to travel. Coincidentally, SJ is getting married in 2 weeks’ time and i was so lucky to be able to attend her wedding in Seoul! Since i have left my company, SJ is now considered my ex-colleague, but she is kind enough to drive me around amidst her busy schedule preparing her wedding and her new nest 🙂

On the way to the cafe, i suddenly felt hungry, and so she stopped by a restaurant where we had 산나물 (literally, wild vegetables) for lunch. This was the first time i ate this, and it was really delicious 🙂

After about 2 hours of drive, we finally reached Yangpyeong, where we had coffee and tea at En Rose, a lovely cafe located right in front of a stream. We had a nice catch-up over the coffee break.

After coffee, we went to Yeonghwasa (영화사), where SJ demonstrated how a local Buddhist kneel and pray in a temple and i follow suit.

Then we went to check out her new nest. I like the clean and minimalist design, we have the same taste in this aspect. After that, we had dinner nearby her place. This was my first time eating Jokbal (족발), or pig trotters, and Bossam (보쌈), or braised pork belly.. not too bad 🙂


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