OH! Potong Pasir

I was really looking forward to this year OH! arts walks, cos’ the Open House is at nowhere but Potong Pasir, my very own neighbourhood! 🙂

The walk started from the Potong Pasir Community Club. From there, the guide brought us first to the St Andrew’s village, then to 4 residents’ HDB units where some artworks were installed. We explored some creative artworks in the void decks too. Last but not least, we visited a tree house and the Bidadari field, which was once a cemetery.


Placed a flag on my HDB block in this giant Potong Pasir Map.. can you find it? lol

The waterfront view from Jacob Ballas bridge that connects St Andrew’s Secondary School to its junior college counterpart.

The blue and white striped tarpaulin in one of the units was part of the art installations. Too many constructions going on, is this good or bad?

The sloping roofs of some blocks are a unique icon of Potong Pasir 🙂

Besides the creative artworks, we got to meet interesting residents like Uncle Lee too, this is something i like about OH (Open House)!

Come play 来玩!Those hopscotch grids on the void decks are some artworks that still remained after the open house.

We were not supposed to climb up to the tree house, but we did… oophs 😀

The Bidadari Cemetery, soon to be Bidadari HDB estate.. the dead making way for the living.


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