Tasmania (Port Arthur)

We drove for about 4 hrs to Port Arthur, a must-go attraction in Tasmania.

Port Arthur was once a convict site for the UK’s criminal offenders.

We were just in time to join a 40-min introductory walking tour.

This former penitentiary was known as the “inescapable prison” since it’s on a patch of land off Tasmania, surrounded by shark-infested water.

The Separate Prison was designed to reform the convicts through isolation and contemplation. Convicts were locked for 23 hours each day in single cell, where they ate, slept and worked.

The portraits of some of the convicts who had their pictures taken at that time.

The church here is a popular place to hold a wedding.

The buildings are closed at 5pm, but the grounds are open to dusk.

After the Port Arthur tour, we intended to take a glimpse of the Tasmanian Devils, but the zoo was already closed.

Back to Hobart, and we planned to have a sumptuous dinner as our last meal in Tasmania, but all the restaurants were already closed by 8pm, and so we made do with 3 dozens of takeaway oysters lol


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