Tasmania (Launceston)

We set off to Launceston on a rainy day, about a 2-hr drive from Cradle Mountain.

Somehow the vineyards we went to were all closed, and so we settled for an early lunch at Stillwater.

Our one-night accommodation in Batman Fawkner Inn.

The moody view at Tamar Valley on a rainy day.

Since there wasn’t much thing to do on a rainy day, we settled for an early dinner at Hallam’s Waterfront Seafood Restaurant near the Seaport.

Lucky enough for us, we woke up to a bright and sunny day the next day. The church in front of our motel, and the street looked so much cheery.

Had our hearty breakfast at Belaroma before we started our exploration on our last day in Tasmania.

We drove back to Tamar Valley again. The sceneries on a sunny day are just too awesome! We never take sunny days for granted anymore. 🙂

We managed to capture some nice pics of the vineyards (though they are not opened yet) before we left Launceston.

Happy our last day in Tasmania was a bright and sunny one 🙂


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