Tasmania (Hobart)

Since i can’t drive (although i have a driving licence lol), i haven’t been to any road trips yet, cos’ most of my friends can’t drive too. When one friend asked me to join her and her 2 colleagues for a road trip in Tasmania, i was overwhelmed. I was looking forward too, cos this was my 1st trip to Australia. As such, all plannings and bookings were done by my friend’s colleagues, and i just packed my luggage and tagged along. 🙂

We flew by Jetstar, transit at Melbourne Airport to Hobart.

Proceeded to AVIS car rental right opposite Hobart Airport after we collected some brochures that we think we might need.

Ready to explore Tasmania!

Had our brunch at Banjo’s and shopped for groceries at Woolworths.

The blue skies and beaches looked so welcoming!

Checked in our 1st night accommodation at Seven Mile Beach Cabin Park. The whole cabin is so clean and neat.. love it!

We first visited Coal Valley Vineyard, which is just nearby.

It was the time to harvest the grapes. The owner kindly let us toured around his vineyard, and pluck one bunch of grapes for us to try 🙂

He has a small area growing apples too.

We were attracted by the playing of guitar, and so we decided to spend some time here savoring the wine.

On the way back, we stopped by another beach to take photos.

Cooked our dinner for today.. a bit spaghetti overdose lol


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