Sri Lanka (Colombo)

The next day, we were welcomed by a beautiful rainbow on the way to the airport. The greenery in Sri Lanka is definitely something i will miss.

After biding farewell to the trekking group, we continued our half day F&E before we departed at night. We deposited our luggage in the airport, and took a cab to the Pettah floating market.

We settled our lunch in a local eatery. The chicken briyani was really delicious, and the owner was very friendly.

A little shopping at the Pettah floating market.

Then we squeezed into a tuk tuk to the Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct.

Our main purpose was to look for a spa.

Our spa experience in Spa Ceylon Ayurveda was really good 🙂

We had our tea break after the spa, and planned to have Sri Lanka crabs for dinner, but it was fully booked for the evening.

So in the end, we decided to go the Semondu fusion restaurant to indulge in a good last meal in Sri Lanka 🙂


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