Sri Lanka (Adam’s Peak)

Finally it was the day to trek Adam’s Peak, or Sri Pada (i.e. “sacred footprint”), a sacred mountain in Sri Lanka.

The weather was looking good. We tried to take a heavy breakfast so that we have more strength for the trekking.

Our accommodation after the trek was at Wathsala Inn, right at the foot of the mountain.

We spent almost half a day travelling to Adam’s Peak, and only started our trek at about 12pm.

Our mountain guide, Yoga, showed us the way into the mountain.

There was a grand entrance into the sacred mountain, of which we need to climb like 5,200 steps to summit… sweat~

The loving cats that caught our attention 🙂

Passed by a Peace Pagoda.

Some interesting looking shops along the way, but they were all not opened.

The Adam’s Peak looking so near, yet so far. Then I realized I gotten a leech bite, with blood oozing out continuously.. what an experience 😦

There are inscriptions on some stone steps. After 2 hours of ascend, we saw some mountain toilets.

Soon it started raining, and it got so heavy that we had to put on our raincoat.

Finally we reached the summit at 3.30pm. There is a resting area for us to put our belongings and to take off our shoes. Atop the peak stands a small Buddhist temple, and a shrine where the holy footprint is worshipped.

All of us received the specially-made commemorative plate from our thoughtful and caring organizer, Simon. I was happy to conquer another mountain, Adam’s Peak, at 2,243m.

Our descend was under the downpour throughout, but still we were grateful cos of the sceneries 🙂


Climb mountains not so the world can see you,
but so you can see the world


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