Sri Lanka (Tissamaharama)

We woke up to a beautiful sky the next day 🙂


Breakfast.. our first taste of local coffee (very blend) and the delicious coconut pancakes.

After breakfast, we explored in and out our villa before our driver came to fetch us.

There is a relax and recreation area on the top floor.

The driver fetched us promptly at 9am, and then we were on the road to Tissamaharama.


We had a rest stop at Ravana Falls, one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka.


Then lunch at one of the hotel restaurants.

Thanks to our driver, we managed to reach the Saraii Village tree house at around 2pm, as it is located at a very secluded place.

We did a quick check-in and had a glimpse of our beautiful tree house suite, before we proceeded to our Safari tour.

Safari Janaka fetched us promptly from the village, and off we go to the Yala National Park! 🙂

We saw mostly peacocks here, followed by water buffaloes. This is what happened during the monsoon season i guessed, most of the animals were sleeping and hiding away. But still, we were happy to see some elephants from afar, some white spotted deer dashing past our jeep, and some elegant yellow-billed storks too.

Due to the heavy rain, one jeep was stuck in the mud. Though not successful in the rescue, our jeep was the only one who lend a helping hand 🙂

We took a break by a beach, which was hit by tsunami in 2004.


We were treated with fruits after the break 🙂

Although the bear and leopards were hiding away due to the rain, it was overall an enjoyable ride, thanks to the beautiful sceneries.


Driving back to the Saraii village in the dark.

Dinner is coconut fish with lion beer. The dessert is yogurt with honey, which is very delicious.

Back to our tree house to rest 🙂


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