My 1st Drum Performance on Vesak Day

After a year of drumming with KMSPKS Zen drumming club, i finally have my 1st performance with the group, and i was happy that it was a very meaningful performance, which took place none other than at the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery itself. It was a performance in celebration of Vesak Day on 1st June, and we were the first group to perform in this event. Luckily so, if not i might have to miss it, cos’ i need to work on every 1st of the month, regardless of whether it’s a public holiday 😦 Anyway, I was glad that i could still make it, although i needed to rush back to office after the performance. We played a piece called “Han”, which we had practised for 2 months. As the name implies, it’s a korean-style of drumming, which includes the playing of SamulNori instruments, like kkwaenggwari and janggu too. The piece is very light-hearted, and i definitely enjoyed playing my zhonggu on stage too 🙂



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