Okinawa, Japan (Part 2/3)


We checked out the next day, and walked to Nago Bus Terminal which is just 5 mins away from the hotel. We were taking Bus 111 back to the airport.

79 80

The bus system here is such that you have to take a ticket first when you board the bus, then pay the fare corresponding to the amount displayed under the ticket number on the fare board.. which has jumped to 2,190 yen by the time we get off at the airport.

81 82

We came to the airport to board the free hotel shuttle bus that brought us to central Okinawa, where our hotel (Tokyo Dai-Ichi Hotel Okinawa Grand Mer Resort) is.

83 84

I was truly amazed by the numbers of Shisas this hotel has by the entrance 🙂

85 86

The hotel room is by far the most spacious, which comes with a balcony that has a spectacular view.

88 87

As in most places in Okinawa, the hotel is selling kawaii Shisas too.

89 90

91 92

We were keen to explore the area around the hotel, and so we went out for dinner after getting a map from the hotel staff. However, it started raining heavily. We stumbled upon this cosy eatery which sells traditional Okinawa cuisine.


Our buffet breakfast is included in our hotel room booking thru Expedia.

93 94

96 95

95-1 96-1

97 98

99 100

101 102

103 104

After breakfast, we took the hotel shuttle bus to the Mihama American Village. The large Ferris Wheel is the most iconic feature of the American Village, which is a big outdoor shopping mall with lots of shops and restaurants. Most shops are selling American brand clothings.


This was our first and only taste of western food in Okinawa.

107 109

108 110

We walked over to the sunset beach near evening time. As the name implies, it’s a perfect place to view the sunset.

111 112

The American Village is more happening when night falls, with all the lights up, and street performances.


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