OH! OPEN HOUSE @ Joo Chiat

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OH! OPEN HOUSE is Singapore’s only art walkabout that brings people into private spaces of neighbourhoods to see site-specific artworks. This time we are going to tour Joo Chiat 🙂

Joo Chiat is one of the estates that I seldom been to, as I stayed in the northern part of Singapore for the majority of my life. Since we are joining a Golden tour, we have a “golden” guide, Kenneth, who took the effort to paint himself golden 🙂


We first visited Boon’s house and his boat.

4   5

Boon loves sea so much that he bought this boat (for only $300!) as part of his collection.


Some 20 objects were borrowed from nearby shophouses, dormitory, etc to create some personal memories of all walks.

7 8

Around the boat are small notes of what one will bring to a Noah’s Ark.


Next we visited Mr & Mrs Tan’s house at Koon Seng Road. Mr Tan has been living here since the 1950s.

10   11

Mrs Tan used to be a seamstress, and Mr Tan only wears pants made by her.


The artwork here involved a pave road of roses that leads the visitors from the back door to the front.

15 14

Koon Seng Road is famous for its colourful Peranakan shophouses.

16   17

Next we visited Andrzej & Evie’s house at Sandalwood Condo, which is actually a block of terrace houses with conserved facades in Joo Chiat.

18   19

The artwork here is partly inspired by Andrzej’s bike obsession.


As part of the walkabout, we were also introduced to some famous eating places in Joo Chiat, like this wanton mee eatery.


Our guide also recounted some neighbours’ dispute incidents in Joo Chiat, where families insulting and suing each other and even throwing cat faeces.

22   23

We also visited 106 Joo Chiat Place, which formerly housed the studio and house of Cultural Medallion artist, Ng Eng Teng.

24   25

Next we visited Jason & Gigi’s house, which has been transformed into a Garden of Being.

26   27

Some fading but interesting wordings on walls.

28   29

We were also led to a mixed media installation in the Fragrance Hotel.

30   31

The last house we visited belongs to Wei Chun, who loves Joo Chiat because it reminds him of his hometown in Penang.

32   33

Happy to receive at the end of the tour, a nostalgic biscuit tin, which contains a handbook, postcard, coffee cup, coffee beans, some sweets… so creative! 😀


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