Art After Dark @ Gillman Barracks

This was the first time i went to Gillman Barracks, and in fact it was the first time i heard of this place too haha. Gillman Barracks was formerly a military camp, but i was there not for military training obviously, but for a late night open house art event.

1 2

Blk 7, which used to be a cinema for the British soldiers

3 4

some of the buildings here are looking quite eerie..


7 6

some interesting sculptures


this is one of the few galleries that we need to queue up to go in

11 12

impressive broom painting skills

10 9

some pieces are quite devilish looking

13 14

20 19

to be frank, i don’t understand most of the art pieces there lol


this is one of my favourite art pieces…


cos’ on a closer look, it is actually “drawn” by Korean hangeul characters… so cool đŸ˜€

21 22

16 15



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