Taobao delivery

The delivery of my 2nd Taobao purchases came within 2 weeks 🙂 One thing about buying furniture from Taobao is that we have to assemble everything by ourselves, which can be very challenging. Luckily, i quite enjoy carpentry work, as long as it’s not too complicated.

console1 console2

the TV console that came in wooden boards and screws…


After 2 hours of figuring out and assembling with my father, finally our TV console came into shape.. love it 🙂

shoes1 shoes2

The shoes cabinets are less challenging, but it also took us almost half an hour to assemble one. Each cabinet can store 4 shoes, which means i can only own 12 shoes at a time lol.. 😀


Sad that out of 5 bowls, 3 are cracked… my sister-in-law kindly helped me to contact the buyer to resend…

bowls  pots

Glad that the pot and pan are working well, and the bowls and plates are looking really nice 🙂

The bench took longer than expected to custom-made (ok, i didnt know they actually make upon order), and so it was only included in another delivery.



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