I have been thinking for the longest time the kind of sofa to buy… leather or fabric? I don’t really like the feeling of sitting on a leather sofa in this humid weather of Singapore, and i think fabric sofa is more suitable for a country-style concept. However, we all know a fabric sofa is not easy to maintain, and i dread the thought of looking at a dirty and worn out fabric sofa over time… but i really like the look and feel of a fabric sofa.. what a dilemma 😦

I tried not to buy online, cos’ sofa is something that i need to feel and sit on, in order to know whether i like the texture and the firmness. I don’t intend to spent big bucks on a sofa set, and so there isn’t much choices anyway. And one more concern comes from my narrow main door, which can only squeeze in a furniture of maximum 70cm width. This narrow down my selection, which is in a way, both good and bad. Finally i decided on a 3-seater part-leather sofa from Sea Horse.

When there is a conflict between practicality and beauty, i choose practicality over beauty.. that shows how rational a person i am! πŸ™‚

the 2-seater black part-leather sofa at Sea Horse.. bought a 3-seater beige one… simple and definitely easy to maintain πŸ˜€


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