Ikea wardrobe

I have one whole side of my master bedroom to be used for my wardrobe. Hence, i have been eyeing on the Ikea storage system for quite some time, as the other conventional types of wardrobe might not be able to make full use of the space, and the custom-made ones are out of my budget anyway. I almost settled in buying the ALGOT or STOLMEN storage system, but i really dread the thoughts of drilling into my nicely painted wall. After several weeks of consideration, and countless trips to Ikea, i finally decided on the PAX wardrobe, which at least the drillings are on the wardrobe frames, not on my walls! We can customise the interior layout according to our needs, and most importantly it’s within my budget 🙂

my initial layout plan for the wardrobe..

the subsequent change and final layout 🙂

we can also do our layout planning online

Besides the PAX wardrobe, i have also added in the BRIMNES chest of drawers and the STAVE mirror.

the block of space for my wardrobe

Ikea man at work.. installation in progress

Completed and satisfied 🙂

It was a challenge to put up the curtain by myself, but a great sense of achievement once done 😀


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