Electrical Appliances

Seriously i know nothing about electrical appliances prior to this, but in order not to regret any purchases, i tried to do my due diligence by asking around and checking online reviews on the most recommended brand/model for each type of electrical appliances. I also checked out on the look and feel by making countless visits to various electrical stores, like Courts, Harvey Norman and Gain City, and even Ever Joint Electrical, a HDB shop in Ang Mo Kio which supposed to offer the lowest price in town. Finally i decided on the brands and models that i wanted to buy which made the comparison of prices easier, and in the end, i bought all at one go at the Mega Discount Store located at United Square. One good thing about this store is that they will match the lowest price that you can get elsewhere πŸ™‚

Brandt Induction Hob TI1000B

Hitachi 2DR Fridge RV450P3MS

LG Washer WFT7400




    1. So far so good! i don’t cook often, so the fridge is mainly stored with refreshments only lol. But i must say the Hitachi customer service is really good πŸ™‚

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