Mattress with Bedframe

My colleague has been recommending Magic Koil as an affordable and high quality brand for mattresses, reason being they are proudly made in Singapore lol. Since i am a heavy sleeper and have no problem falling asleep no matter what kind of mattresses i lay on, i am seriously not particular in choosing mattresses. The fact that there are so many brands in the market with various pricing and mixed reviews really do not help in my decision making too.

Hence, i decided to travel all the way from Woodlands to the Modern Home 2014 @ Singapore Expo, where they showcase all brands of mattresses. Coincidentally, Magic Koil’s showroom is right at the entrance, and so i went straight to it without even considering other brands πŸ™‚ The salesman who attended to me was patient and helpful. Knowing that i have no specific preference, he asked me to take my time to lay on each and every one of the mattresses there. It’s not about how expensive a mattress is, but rather how comfortable i feel when i lay on it, cos’ every individual has different sense of comfort. Marking his words, i decided to buy the Queen Fantasy Mattress with pocketed spring, which was priced at $1,299, come with bed frame and latex pillows. Seriously, i had no idea whether it was a good buy afterall, but i was quite happy that i finally settled my bedding πŸ˜€



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