1st Taobao purchases

Taobao is getting popular in Singapore these days, and we all know how cheap we can buy things there. And with so many Make in China products selling in Singapore, it does make sense that we might as well buy them directly from the suppliers. Since my brother had bought most of the things (including furniture) for his new house, and they came in good conditions, i just follow suit. My sis-in-law kindly helped me with the coordination since it was my 1st purchase in Taobao 🙂

My 1st batch of Taobao purchases are mainly lightings and kitchen/toilet stainless steel products…

L4 L1

L5 L3

L2 L6

Bought most of my lightings from one supplier (Kaqinuo) to save on delivery charges..

T4 T3

T2 T6

T1 T5


Bought all my stainless steel products from Cina so that we can bargain for further discount 😀

One hiccup from my 1st Taobao purchase was the delay in shipment, which took more than 2 weeks to arrive Singapore. Hence, have to delay the making of my kitchen sink top. This is one of the things that we have to be prepared when making online purchases, besides the risk of getting spoiled or wrong products delivered. Keeping my fingers crossed to see the actual products 🙂


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