After my HDB 1st appointment on 11th Jul, followed by the 2nd on 22nd Aug, finally i got the keys to my unit! And then chop chop the next day, i brought my contractor to view the unit to come out with a quotation for the renovation. The contractor is none other than the contractor who has done my sister’s and brother’s house 🙂 This saved me troubles from searching for his reviews online, although i already did my homework by reading a lot of renovation reviews online.

I managed to keep to my renovation budget of $30k by taking out the build-in wardrobe and changing of bedroom doors from the renovation package. But one thing i die die must have is to hack my storeroom and all the tiles (both wall and floor), cos my 30 years old HDB unit seriously need a major face lift. So 1st thing 1st is to choose the tiles.. definitely spoilt for choices i would say. I went to Hafary at Balestier on one weekend, and then Lian Seng Hin at Balestier on another weekend. After one week of fickle-mindedness, i finally made up my mind on the tiles selection.. Hee

Hafary(Tiles selected from Hafary)

LSH (Tiles selected from Lian Seng Hin)


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