Jilin / Changbai Mountain, China

Thanks to my brother, we had our 1st overseas family trip ever! My sis-in-law came from Jilin, a city in Northeast China, and hence they decided to hold their wedding dinner there. We were so well taken of by my sis-in-law’s family when we were there that we decided to sign up for a local package tour so that we can free their time for the wedding preparation while we go enjoy ourselves.. heehee..

C1 C2

The view from our accommodation, showing how well-developed Jilin city is..

C3 C7

C4 C6

As Jilin province borders North Korea, there are quite a number of ethnic Korean-Chinese residing here. My sis-in-law’s mother brought me to an interesting ethnic Korean-Chinese wedding ceremony.

C9 C10

C12 C13


Sightseeing at 龙潭山 (with an altitude of 388 metres) with my sis-in-law’s auntie. As the name implies, the hill lights up at night like a dragon. There is a 龙潭, also known as 水牢, which was said to have trapped a dragon before, and hence its name. We can have a panoramic view of Jilin city from the peak.

C15 C16

Sightseeing at 吉林乌喇, which is an old name for Jilin city, with my sis-in-law’s father.


Dinner is 麻辣鸳鸯锅.. super hot and spicy!

C19 C20

We went to 江南 after dinner to check out the majestic colorful musical fountain and had a river boat ride.

C21 C22

C24 C25

Our 3D2N package tour started with a boat ride at 松花湖 (Songhua Lake), which is reputed as one of the biggest man-made lakes in China.

C27 C28

Next, we went for 漂流 or water rafting. The current is so mild that it was quite a relaxing experience.

C29 C30

C31 C32

Sightseeing at 魔界风景区, or The Devildom Scenery Area. This place is named as “The Devildom” because of its beautiful and mysterious landscape formed by the trees, snow and spring water during winter. Apparently what we see in summer are only greeneries, but it means more oxygen too 🙂 The 七星泉 contains spring water that flows from the Changbai Mountain that is good for drinking.

C34 C35

Sightseeing at night at 大戏台河景区 which was super crowded and chaotic. It is a place with natural waterfalls with artificial lights, which i don’t really appreciate 😦

C36 C37

Sightseeing the next day at 峡谷浮石林, a forest with rocks from the volcanic eruption. The volcanic rocks of different shapes and sizes are creatively named by the locals.

C39 C40

Sightseeing at 冰水泉, a place to collect spring water again.. 🙂 It is known as 长白山下第一泉, no wonder so many people crowded at the upper stream to collect the water.

C42 C43

Finally we reached 长白山火山地质公园 where we can see the scary crowds from afar.. a bit regretted coming during this peak period (it was the school holidays!)

C44 C45

The super long queue for the transport up the Changbai Mountain, but luckily they have hundreds of vehicles, so the queue was moving fast.

C46 C47

More queues at the main peak sightseeing route… really need a lot of my determination and perseverance to join in the crowds.

C48 C49

On the way towards the peak…

C50 C52

This is what the thousands of people are here for… to see the 天池 Heaven Lake 🙂 At 2,744 metres, Changbai Mountain, also known as Mt Paektu, is an active volcano on the border between North Korea and China.

C58 C60

C57 C59

Sightseeing at 红旗朝鲜族民俗村, where about 100 families are residing. We visited one of the oldest traditional houses, which was built in 1903. Minus the tourists, it’s actually quite a peaceful living environment.

C62 C63

C64 C65

Sightseeing the next day at 镜泊湖, located at Heilongjiang province. The one-hour boat ride was a bit boring… and so we decided to have some 烤鱼 to pass time.

C67 C66

Since Heilongjiang province borders Russia, they sell a lot of Russia products too. The 吊水楼瀑布 is rather scenic.

C69 C70

Back to Jilin to have the local traditional steamboat feast, which marked the end of our nightly feasting and drinking in China.. 🙂



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