My 3-room resale HDB unit

Finally, i bought a house, my own house, ie, a house that is under my name. 🙂 I wouldn’t say it’s my dream house yet, at least before its renovation, but finally, i have my own space, which i can design and decorate according to my own taste. The size is about just right for someone who wants to stay alone, and layout is quite straightforward for interior design too. Location was my top consideration during the search. Since i work in town area, and i take MRT everyday, it has to be within 5 mins walking distance to a MRT station which is as near to town as possible, and at the same time within my budget of course. A covered walkway is a plus factor, given the erratic weather in Singapore. As for the unit itself, bright and airy is of utmost importance, and no noisy and untidy neighbours too, please. Surrounding wise, not too crowded and rowdy, and hence i am rather happy that it’s located in a neighbourhood without a shopping mall 😀

Like all first-time house owners, i can’t wait to lay my hands to turn it into my dream house. I started by doing up a simple floor plan using the online Floorplanner ( I have also started my search for IDs and contractors before i even gotten the keys. Soon i realised i might as well just look for a contractor, since i already have my own design in mind.. a simple minimalist design, to save cost and for easy maintenance 🙂

house plan


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