Our People, Our Music 2014: My Home – Singapore

20140628_180718 20140628_180833

Finally, our Singapore National Stadium is opened after 7 years since it was closed for renovation in 2007. I was both looking forward to step into the stadium again and to attend the mega concert of the Chinese Orchestra! This concert gathered about 5,000 performers, and have broken the Guinness World Records of the largest Chinese Drum Ensemble of 3,345 performers.


I used to learn Erhu during my poly times, and really loved the piece 赛马 (Horse Racing) performed by the Erhu Ensemble. It brought back lots of fond memories, and rekindled my love for Erhu again. The Drum Ensemble performed 动力狮城!(Power Singapura!) which rocked the whole stadium! .. truly inspiring since i’m currently learning drumming too 🙂

20140628_195349 20140628_200949

The Pipa performance was led by our talented 10 year-old Chen Xinyu 陈欣宇 and there was a Martial Arts performance by Vincent Ng 翁清海. The finale was a vocal performance of 家 (Home) by multi-talented local singer cum composer, Dick Lee 李迪文.

20140628_190858 20140628_202605


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