Zen Drumming – 心鼓

After a few lessons of practising 心鼓 (Part I), we progressed to practising 心鼓 (Part II), which we learnt a few more different types of beats, other than crotchet, quaver and semiquaver. We had a rather hard time trying to differentiate between triplets and horse-riding beats. Our creative instructor came out with interesting “lyrics” in order to help us better differentiate the both.


The “lyrics” for triplets is ba-na-na, since the 3 notes in a triplet are of equal beats, while for horse-riding, it’s drink-wa-ter (1st beat longer), and reverse horse-riding is me-lon-juice (3rd beat longer). The “lyrics” not only made our practice more interesting, it also helps us play in better unison 🙂



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