Art Jamming at Arteastiq

Organised by our company social club, i went for this acrylic art jamming session at Arteastiq ( located at Mandarin Gallery. This was my 2nd art jamming session at Arteastiq. The 1st was 2 years ago, bought from a Groupon deal. I selected a picture there, and painted a landscape, which i was quite satisfied since it was my 1st attempt.


I intended to paint another landscape picture this time round to make a series. However, before the art jamming session in the evening, one colleague showed me the picture she intended to paint, which made me changed my mind to paint a portrait instead. She introduced me to her favourite artist, Poh Ling Yeow ( I really like her style, and so i chose this concubine painting of hers.

Poh Ling Yeow  (2)

Not surprisingly, my painting turned out to be of a different style.. hee 🙂

20140528_202635(0)_small  20140528_213216_small


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