Coincidentally, after i found out about my strengths through http://www.strengthsfinder.com, another friend recommended me http://www.talentoday.com, yet another website to discover our personality and motivations 🙂


There are five main personality dimensions called Clusters of Criteria:

Communicate (5.5)
To be in contact with others, convey something to someone, generally through a form of communication (written or oral)

Manage (5.5)
To organize, manage something or someone

Dare (5)
To have the courage, audacity, and boldness to do something

Adapt (6.8)
The ability to modify one’s attitude, thoughts, behaviors depending on new situations, to adjust

Excel (5)
The ability to move beyond a set guide, achieve greater performances than ones previously accomplished

The numbers in bracket are my ratings for each dimension. The higher number indicates the behaviors i tend to adopt, or prefer to act in the professional realm. It was interesting to know that i am better to adapt, and poorer to Dare and Excel.

My score for each of the 20 personality trails in descending order:
9 – Taking Responsibility
9 – Respect for authority
9 – Work ethic
8 – Stress management
7 – Opening up to others
7 – Diplomacy
6 – Determination
6 – Independent mind
6 – Autonomy
5 – Responsiveness
5 – Patience
5 – Vision
5 – Organization
4 – Creativity
4 – Ease in public
4 – Persuasion
4 – Self-confidence
3 – Leading
3 – Competitive spirit
2 – Ambition

Since i already know my strengths (i got one of the highest scores for responsibility again 🙂 ), i’m rather interested in my weaknesses. Now, it is clear to me that i’m not ambitious, not competitive, and don’t like to lead, which is so true!

Besides our personality, it’s important to know our motivations too, i.e. factors which will lead or direct our actions, reasons, interests and elements that push us to act.

motivation2My motivational sources in order of preference:


And so, what motivate me the most are actually my hobbies (work is not a priority) and philanthropy, and the element that least motivate me is pay… ok great, maybe it’s really time to change my job 🙂


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