Be an Idea Vision 1.4

Be an Idea ( is a leading news portal for social causes, non-profits and volunteerism. It serves as a channel where people with the intention to make a positive difference can be inspired to make change possible. Every month, 6 speakers will use a visual narrative of exactly 6 min 40 sec to present on how they made a difference on their own terms through social innovation. I went to their Vision 1.4, which was held on 30 Apr at Artistry, and was truly inspired by their social narratives!

The speakers for the night are:

1. Richardo Chua (Adrenalin Group Pte. Ltd.)

2. Renyung Ho (Matter)

3. Ashwin Subramaniam (Gone Adventurin’)

4. Stanley Chia (Envisage Singapore)

5. Serene Ow (Shop For Social)

6. Ethen Ong (Positive Intentions)

20140430_205148 - Copy


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