Mt Pulag / New Smokey Mountain, Philippines

I always feel very blessed to have friends who shared the same interests as me, or know my interests well enough to present me with opportunities to follow through on them. In recent years, i have been actively involving in volunteering and trekking activities, and this trip, as recommended by a friend, involved both at the same time!

Organised by the Singapore Adventurous Nature Lovers (SANL) meet-up group, 42 of us signed up for this meaningful trip from 15 Mar to 19 Mar’14 , named as “Trek for Hope” by the organisers. Besides trekking up Mt Pulag, the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines, at 2,922m above sea level, we also had a chance to visit and distribute rations to the underprivileged residents of New Smokey Mountain, which used to be a large landfill located in Manila, but was cleared decades ago and became the site of numerous public housings for the impoverished people living in the slums surrounding the landfill. This was done with the help of a Singaporean couple, Ivan and Maureen Ho, who set up Oikos Helping Hand, a non-profit organisation which aims to help the poor in the Philippines.

Impact Journalism Day 2014: Adventure lovers combine trekking and charity work:

Trek For Hope 2014: Mount Pulag & The New Smokey Mountain, Philippines:


Registration at the Visitor Information Centre

2The colorful monster jeepneys that ferry us to the Ranger Station

3Started our trek at 11am

4Flowers blooming… edelweiss~ edelweiss~

5Enjoying the sceneries along the way

6The rolling hills are changing colors

7The unpredictable mountain suddenly turned misty

8The sceneries are so beautiful that I hope the trek never ends

9Our camp site is right ahead

10Our porters pitching our tents while we rest

11Putting up the sky lantern

13Waking up at 5am to summit

14Reached the summit by 6am

15My favourite egg yolk

17The awesome sunrise is always my motivation for mountain climbing

18Love the sea of clouds too

19Visitation to the New Smokey Mountain (NSM)

21The gathering place of the residents

22Distribution of food ration

23The living conditions are really bad

24Sending food ration to some families

Trek for Hope : Mt Pulag _ Adventure above the cloud 2014

Trek for Hope : New Smokey Mountain 2014


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