River Safari, Singapore

20140228_131304-1My sis and her friend wanted to go to the River Safari (http://riversafari.com.sg/), and so i gotten the corporate card from my company, and off we go on a sunny morning on 2nd Mar’14!

Following an advice from a friend, we went to queue for our boat ride tickets first. After a half an hour queue, we finally started our journey by first exploring the Rivers of the World…
20140302_093413 20140302_094615
Busy checking out the fishes one by one.. i mean, by species..

20140302_093523 20140302_093533
The “innocent” looking African dwarf Crocodile at the Congo River. No one wants your skin? Lucky u!

20140302_095230 20140302_095313
Can’t tell much difference between a Yangtze alligator and an African crocodile, but it’s definitely not as lucky.

Happy to approach the Giant Panda forest… cos’ of the aircon 😀

20140302_100103 20140302_095752
Greeted us first was the Red panda, who is obviously well-trained as a super model, walking around and stopping occasionally to pose for photo shots.

20140302_100228 20140302_100335
Lazing in the outdoor compound is Jia Jia. Kai Kai is hiding herself in her cave… too shy. We can only see her through CCTV :p



As compared to the pandas, i was more fascinated by the polar bear. Seeing it swimming in slow motion, aimlessly and freely, is making me very happy 🙂




20140302_101515 20140302_102741
The panda “pau” is a must-try here, though we spent more time taking pictures of it than eating it. The cappuccino is nice too 🙂

20140302_110343 20140302_110523
One Squirrel monkey looking really alert.

20140302_111455 20140302_111526
While waiting for the boat ride, we decided to explore the aquarium at the Amazon Flooded Forest.

20140302_111247 20140302_111230
The Black Knife Ghost Fish is really cool~~

20140302_115227 20140302_123456
20140302_123904 20140302_123844
Finally after queuing for half an hour, we started our Amazon River boat ride. However, it turned out to be quite a disappointment. Throughout the short 10 mins ride, i took pictures of the sign boards more than the actual animal itself..

20140302_124025 20140302_124046
Managed to catch a glimpse of a jaguar’s backside. The heat is unbearable i know.. i feel your pain

20140302_124248 20140302_124147
And at least there are some Scarlet Ibis and Caribbean Flamingo towards the end of the ride.


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