Made in Singapore: A Wedding, A Funeral and Lucky the Fish & Stand Behind the Yellow Line

20140307 Singapore Play2-1Watched “A Wedding, A Funeral and Lucky the Fish” & “Stand Behind the Yellow Line” at the DBS Arts Centre, organised by our company social club as one of the theatre night events. The first play is so hilarious and lighthearted, while the second play is a bit too heavy for most of us.

20140307 Singapore Play1-1

A Wedding, A Funeral and Lucky, the Fish (Written by Dora Tan)

“When Seraphina brings Alistair, her ang moh boyfriend, to Singapore, he thinks they’re just having a cup of tea. Little does he know that he will be participating in his own wedding tea ceremony! But when the couple arrives, Sera makes a discovery so shocking its revelation would certainly stop the wedding! One by one, Xin Ru her sister, Alistair and Ma make the same discovery and for their own reasons, no one reveals. Absurd, funny and poignant, A Wedding, A Funeral & Lucky, the Fish will surely make you laugh because the alternative is a truth too bitter to swallow.”

Stand Behind the Yellow Line (Written by Michelle Tan)

“Awaiting her son’s release from jail, a single, homeless mother finds an unlikely friend in the young, well–off but clinically depressed Mo. Set in an unidentified yet vaguely familiar locality, a place where rules are rules are rules are not made to be broken, Stand Behind the Yellow Line is a formally inventive and oddly lyrical play about the people who find themselves living outside the lines.”


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