Ukulele 乌克丽丽

Have started learning Ukulele back since Sep’12. It was a 3-month pop ukulele course with Replugged Music School in Bugis Village. We learnt some basic chords and strumming techniques in a class of 6. Had much fun and laughter throughout the learning process, with some nervousness when we were asked to play solo to the class the piece we learnt. Beginners class is never stressful anyway 🙂

After a year after the short course, i decided to pick up my rusty ukulele again. This time i signed up with Symphony Music School in Causeway Point. It turned out to be a combined guitar and ukulele class, with each student learning the instrument in each own time own target. I wasn’t really used to such unsystematic way of learning, but still i managed to learn a few pieces during the 4 months (Nov’13~Feb’14) with the school. Like all musical instruments, the only way to master it is to practise, practise and continue to practise. Will do that in my own time own target then 😀



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