Art Stage Singapore 2014

Happy to know friends who love arts. Not an artistic person, merely an art lover, i do enjoy going to art exhibitions occasionally. I do not have an in depth art appreciation, only a basic like or dislike from the first look at any art works, but that is enough to bring me joy going through each and every one of them 🙂

Art Stage Singapore ( is an international art fair. It was held at Marina Bay Sands this year from 15 to 19 Jan’14. We went on the last day and spent a day there, running from one platform to another, admiring the art works showcased in galleries arranged according to the country of the artists. Soon, we realised it’s better to go on the first day of the exhibition, cos’ some art works seem to have “disappeared” from the exhibition on the following days, due to removal or been sold.

Managed to capture some art pieces that i really like…  😀

20140119_141924   20140119_141937
20140119_143928(0)   20140119_142324
20140119_144012   20140119_142351
20140119_144035   20140119_144532(0)

20140119_144602   20140119_144521
20140119_145733   20140119_145711
20140119_150017   20140119_150322
20140119_150029   20140119_150335
20140119_152155   20140119_152207
20140119_153228   20140119_152456
20140119_153133   20140119_152440
20140119_153833   20140119_153908


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