It’s still not too late to set my 2018 resolutions 🙂 Advertisements

Calligraphy practice

After months of not practising my Chinese calligraphy, now i can’t even write a simple straight line… cries! Serve me…


After 3 weeks, my money plant is ready to be potted… We can clearly see the roots sprouting in the…

陈绮贞 -《房间里的音乐会》4月7日

距离上次看陈绮贞演唱会有四年了!这次在星宇表演艺术中心The Star Theatre举行, 本来还不太想去, 不知道那里的音响好不好, 结果音响还好,倒是灯光效果需要大大改进。很多时候根本看不到陈绮贞,因为台上聚光灯直射观众眼睛,差点变瞎了!还好,陈绮贞的歌声还是很安抚人心的。:)

Banana handphone wipe

The banana hand phone wipe that i bought in Korea 2 years ago has become dirty over time even though…